SME Financing

Improve your cash flow substantially by getting fast access to cash tied up unpaid invoices.

Invoice Financing

What if you could free up cash locked-up in invoices to take advantage of new sales opportunities while you’re waiting to get paid from your customers? We can help you to grow your business by giving you fast access to working capital that bypasses the usual 30-120 days payment terms.We offer you products and services within Commercial and Asset-based Financing that empowers you to take charge in growing your business.


  • Improve cashflow and working capital position— By receiving cash as soon as a sales invoice is raised, you no longer have to wait through the common 30-120 days payment terms. Use the freshly released capital to take advantage of new sales opportunities or use it to reinvest in your operations.

  • Fast access to cash — Takes as little as a day to get cash upon sending invoice for pre-approved buyers.

  • Don’t worry about credit history — No stringent qualifying criteria; as long as you have valid receivables invoice from approved sellers, you’ll be able to utilize this option.

  • A product that matches your business needs — Why take on a multi-year term loan with the bank when all you need is a product that solves your problem effectively and quickly.

  • Non-disclosure — Your customers may not be notified as it can be arranged confidentially subject to approval.

  • Increase strong buyers’ portfolio - Take on more sales and projects from strong buyers with our financial backing.

  • Not classified as a loan / liability - By converting receivables to cash, this strengthens your balance sheet current assets should you require bank financing at a later stage.


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Raise a sales invoice and our funders will buy over the debt - the amount owed to your business by your customer.


You receive upfront, usually within 3-5 days of sending in the invoice to us, a percentage up to 80% of the value of the invoice in cash.

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With the cash in hand, now you can use it reinvest in the running costs of your operations, or take advantages of new sales opportunities.

Commercial Financing

Project Financing

The financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services .

Unsecured loans

Flexible, fast approval.

Trade Finance

Increase profit margins, increase purchasing power, free up cash flow, bridge trade gap.


Unsecured/secured revolving line of credit for business operations, standby credit for contingencies and investment.

Asset Based Financing

Hire Purchase

Finance purchase of equipment, machinery.


New purchase, refinancing, cashout residual value.


Rent the use of an asset over a period of time rather than purchase, eliminates the need to be concerned about asset obsolescence and asset disposal at the end of its useful life.


New and used vessel financing, Additionally specific loans can also be structured for purchase of outfitting equipment, machinery and engines to be mounted onto the vessel to be constructed or purchased.

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Get a free consultation with us and get a better understanding of how you can use this funding option to your advantage. We will work with you to customize a suitable solution for your company’s specific challenges.