Mezzanine Financing

A secondary option to finance your expansion plans.

Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine Financing is an effective option if you are interested in seeking liquidity or diversification purposes for your company. We can help you to leverage your position and raise you the the required growth capital to support your growth plans whether it’s for: increasing production capacities, research and development, market expansion, acquisition etc.


  • Non-amortizing - Improve your cash flow with mezzanine financing as it does not require amortization during the term of the debt. Use the extra financing power to pay down senior debt, invest in working capital, product development, or other expansion, or simply build a reserve to take advantage of future unforeseen opportunities.

  • Source of flexible long-term capital - Compared to senior debt providers and banks, mezzanine financing offers significantly more flexibility in coupon structure, terms, and amortization. Because mezzanine investors are equity oriented, we can tailor the investment to meet your company’s financial, operating, and cash flow needs.

  • A less expensive, tax-advantageous alternative to equity - Mezzanine capital can be combined with senior debt to reduce the amount of equity required. As a tool it can also create a more efficient structure that lowers the after-tax cost of capital, offers less dilution than equity financing, and increases the return on equity.

Product Options

Growth Capital

Long-term capital to finance capital expenditure and/or working capital needs.

Management or other leverage buyout

MBO, An instance whereby the managers and/or executives of a firm purchase a controlling interest in the company from existing majority shareholders. LBO - allow companies to make large acquisitions without having to commit a lot of capital.

Mergers & acquisition funding

Favorable rates for acquisition financing can help smaller companies reach economies of scale and is generally viewed as an effective method for increasing the size of the company's operations.

Debt restructuring

terming out short-term debt repayment to match corporation's cash-flow profile, allows corporation to continue in optimizing growth without being hampered by short-term liquidity constraints.


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