Case Study 3

Fulfill your financing needs effectively and efficiently by accessing multiple funding options with minimal effort.

Business Challenge

Client: Interior Design Company

Needing to purchase an equipment from overseas, our client came to us after getting declined by multiple banks for financing due to a lack of credit history—the sole director of the company had no credit cards or personal borrowings. Frustrated to be rejected for such a reason, our client approached us to help him solve his challenge.

Services Provided

Financial Health Assessment

Strategic case preparation and presentation

Obtaining financing for purchase of equipment


Through us, our client was able to obtain the financing for the purchase of the equipment as well as additional working capital. As Finaqe works with all lenders, we are able to strategize in our clients’ best interests. In this case, we approached our network on the company’s behalf and mitigated their unique situation to the lenders.

Strategic advice and case presentation — We highlighted the strong repayment ability of the company, and how the equipment purchase would greatly impact the financial growth of the business.

Accessing multiple funding options at once — Because we are not tied to any single lender or product, we were able to provide our client with the entire range of funding options.

Key Takeaway

Don’t limit your company to the options of a single lender when you can access a wide range of options available at your disposal.

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