Case Study 2

Effectively securing term loans to kick-start new projects and using invoice financing to free up cash-flow to support ongoing projects.

Business Challenge

Client: Marine Company

Our client approached us because they were experiencing difficulty obtaining bank financing. After assessing their financial health we realized that their financial statements were not prepared and managed correctly and this was a hindrance to obtaining bank financing.

Finaqe reviewed and advised client to improve their receivables collection which positively impacted their bank balances, an important factor for banks to assess.

Services Provided

Financial Health Assessment

Securing Term Loan

Invoice Financing


As a result of our advisory and services, the company was able to secure term loans to kick-start new projects. Subsequently, we helped the company to free up additional cash-flow through invoice financing to support their ongoing projects. Within 6 months, company secured a $4.8M contract and poised to take on larger sized projects.

Optimized Application — Banks do not reveal their reasons for rejecting applications. As industry experts, we know what the banks are looking for and therefore able to optimize your applications for success.

Stacking Financing Options — By combining the right financing options strategically, you can effectively boost your growth.

Key Takeaway

Are you unwittingly negatively impacting your company’s record in the banks’ networked system? Finaqe can help you to navigate through complex approval parameters and optimize your applications.

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