What we do

Finaqe is a funding consultancy that helps businesses to grow strategically through a comprehensive suite of financing solutions. Draw on our industry expertise and resources to successfully navigate the complex finance market. We specialize in securing growth capital for businesses by giving them access to previously inaccessible funding options. Being independent, we can provide financing solutions up to USD$500M.


Our mission is to become the leading regional funding intermediary providing funding options and services to our clients every step of the way as they grow their companies.

What expect from us

Because we are truly invested in helping you to succeed, we justify our value to you by working on a pay-per-performance basis. We are absolutely committed in delivering a value-driven experience, and we achieve that by building relationships founded on competence and trust.

Work with us and you can
  1. Access a complete range of previously inaccessible funding solutions and funders in our vast network, that we will customize accordingly to your business needs.
  2. Save precious time, energy and resources — concentrate on what matters most in your business.
  3. Have a team of industry experts on your side — equipped with a wealth of relevant experience and insights as your business confidant.

The Finaqe Brand

Finaqe stands for Financial Action - We partner with you to take strategic financial action to grow your business.

The logo explanation - Our logo is designed to represent stability and prosperity. The letter F is colored blue representing financial stability while the negative white space showcases the number “8” commonly associated with prosperity. The combination of stability and prosperity is the philosophy behind our organization and guides us in growing your business with these values.


Our core values guide us both in everyday interactions as well as long term planning.


Trust is the bedrock of our business. As confidants, trust enables us to solve our clients challenges effectively.


Lasting relationships are built on solid foundations. We achieve this by being fair and reliable partners with strong moral principles.

Clients First

We put our clients at the heart of everything we do. We achieve this by providing unbiased and effective solutions in the best interests of our clients.